Annabel Gat is an astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. She holds a Horary practitioner’s certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology and is a respected tarot reader. She is the senior astrologer at Vice’s Astro Guide.

Her first book is the Astrology of Love & Sex.

Annabel has been a part of the astrological and occult community in New York City since the early 2000s. Her astrological and tarot consulting practice opened in 2009. She taught at New York’s Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment from 2010 through 2012, and has been writing about astrology and the occult since 2013. She founded Hypatia Group in 2015.

She has a wildly popular international daily and monthly horoscope column with Vice (take a look at the newly launched app, Astro Guide, here), and she has been featured in many places, such as MTV News, Tidal, CosmopolitanDazed and Confused MagazineInternational Business TimesFusionBustleHello GigglesThrillistEaterWomen’s Health, the Columbia Journalism Review and more.